OPAIR: Your Bridge to Inclusive Research

We are dedicated to empowering researchers and communities through inclusive research practices. Discover how you can drive impactful research through collaboration and inclusivity, one click at a time.


Empower Your Community With Research Engagement

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Community Engagement

Co-design research projects to ensure issues that matter to your community are addressed.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Promote a balanced and inclusive representation for more relevant research and quality results.

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Research Opportunities

Choose research projects that support your cause and have a direct impact on your community.

Why Communities Choose OPAIR

We understand the challenges and concerns faced by community organizations when collaborating with researchers.

Amplify Community Voices

OPAIR gives community organizations a prominent role in research.

Tailored Research Collaboration

OPAIR ensures that research themes align specifically and relevantly with your mission.

Transparent and Collaborative Partnership

OPAIR fosters transparency and co-production of knowledge between communities and researchers.

Streamlined Engagement

OPAIR curates research projects that align with your organization's cause to prevent research fatigue.

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Ready to Create Greater Impact?

Begin your journey toward inclusive research today.

Ongoing Projects

Community Engaged


Community Orgs


Features and Benefits

Community Engagement

OPAIR connects you with underrepresented groups, ensuring diverse perspectives and participation.

Inclusion Guidance

Gain access to resources and tools designed to understand the unique needs and perspectives of diverse communities.

Bias Mitigation

Identify and address EDI biases to ensure fair representation and generate more reliable research outcomes.

Community Collaboration

Partner with communities, build a trusted research ecosystem, and promote inclusivity in research practices.

Ethical Practices

Ensure participant privacy, informed consent, and ethical data handling throughout your research journey.

Data Analysis

Access engagement tools, visualization interfaces, and reporting guidelines to optimize trust building and sustainable collaboration

Why Researchers Choose OPAIR ?

Join a community of researchers committed to inclusive practices, driving meaningful change through their research. We offer:

Tools and resources for inclusive research from start to finish.

Built-in diversity metrics for cohorts and research teams.

Inclusion assessment tools for integration of best inclusion practices.

Research Team and Community Organization Matching

Support and resource library for inclusive research journey.


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